A set containing two products from the DIONE and EROFILI series, our Facial Cleansing Foam , an effective cleansing foam with antiseptic action that regulates the production of skin sebum and the Antioxidant and Regenerating Day Cream with Q10, a rich active day cream with organic elastin and collagen, for all skin types.


• DIONE Facial Cleansing Foam |   Thanks to its innovative composition and active ingredients, it removes sebum, makeup and impurities, while at the same time it effectively treats and supports the skin. It does not cause irritation, it does not dry out. It is rich in astringents, which remove the factors that cause the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, soothes the skin and regulates oiliness. It contains natural foaming agents and is non-phagocytic. The cleaning foam belongs to the category of Clean Beauty Products, which are dermatocosmetics with raw materials as a whole that are friendly to both humans and the environment. It is produced in Greece and is dermatologically tested. Cleansing Face Foam Facial Cleansing FoamDIONE consists of 98.00% natural ingredients and vitamins. While it is suitable for men and women with dry, combination or oily skin.

The ingredients we love the most in this formula; Amamelida flower water, Aloe Vera, provitamin B5, essential oils of tea tree, sage, rosemary, chamomile and geranium.

• EROFILI Antioxidant and Regenerating Day Cream with Q10 | A special regenerating day cream, which treats the skin, offering strong antioxidant protection, activation of collagen & elastin production and hydration. It consists of 98.90% natural ingredients and vitamins. It is a dermocosmetic cream made from human-friendly and environmentally friendly natural or natural ingredients. It gives a firm and radiant look, activating the skin's natural metabolism, while protecting it from damage and toxins. It is suitable for women and men up to 35 years old, for all skin types. 

The ingredients we love the most in this formula; Coenzyme Q10, copper complex with amino acids, almond oil, shea butter, olive and elixir extract.

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Facial Cleansing Foam DIONE

Use morning and evening to cleanse your face before daily care. Apply to wet skin and remove with water. TIP: Combine its use with toning face lotion with flower water and enjoy the well-being of your skin!

Anti-oxidant, Refreshing, Collagen & Elastin Bio-energizing Day Cream with Q10

Apply every morning on a clean face until absorbed. Repeat during the day, if necessary.
TIP: Before going out in the sun, apply the anti-aging cream with coenzyme Q10 of ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics under your sunscreen SUNSCREEN CREAM HELIATOR. This will effectively protect your skin from the harmful effects of photoaging such as skin roughness, blemishes and fine lines.