Dry oil for Face – Body – Hair – 100ml


Crambe Absynnica Oil is nature’s gift for your skin and hair.


The oil which is naturally extracted from seeds by cold pressing is a particularly suitable natural ingredient of cosmetic and personal care products for both your skin and hair. It adds moisture and plumps the skin while balancing the tone and texture. Abyssinica oil is yellow, clear, with a delicate woody aroma. In the Zelia cosmetic laboratories we have enriched it with vitamin E (antioxidant, antiaging).


Abyssinica oil is what is called a non-comedogenic dry oil. “Non-comedogenic” refers to a product that is formulated to help reduce potential blockage of visible pores. (“Comedo” is the term used to describe a blocked pore.) The oil has excellent moisturizing and softening properties to improve skin elasticity and softness, and keep wrinkles to a minimum. It is excellent for both dry and oily acne probe skin. It moisturizes and gives natural shine to the hair. It contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids (Omega-9), a unique molecular structure that is not found in any other natural substance. Abyssinian Oil which is very rich yet lightweight, as well as being fast-absorbing and containing a high percentage of unsaturated omega fatty acids which deeply penetrate the hair to help improve manageability.

Crambe Abyssinica Oil

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Ideal for hydration and radiance in any skin type, from oily to dry. Gives health and shine to dry and curly hair. Use it for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties as well as to protect skin and hair from free radicals.