APHRODITE Nourishing – Whitening Night Cream (50 ml) is an outstanding night cream formula which moisturizes the skin and helps skin hydration.


One of the main ingredients of this product is Gingko Biloba Extract. Found mainly in Asia the gingko biloba tree has a great reputation as one of the most beneficial ingredients for cosmetic skin care. Its properties include

- strong antioxidant protection,

a soothing effect on the skin

- increased hydration of the skin

- outstanding anti-aging properties.


Numerous trials and studies point to how cosmetics with Gingko Biloba Extract are excellent for good skin diffusion and retention. Studies show cosmetics containing the extract have a high proportion of antioxidant compounds-polyphenols and flavonoids; these play an essential part in neutralizing free radicals which are present in the environment.


Topical applications containing ginkgo biloba for skin increase skin moisture-retention and smoothness, as well as reduce roughness. IN short it is a well-known fact that cosmetic products which contain Gingko Biloba maintain the quality of the skin and its appearance.


Additionally APHRODITE Nourishing – Whitening cream contains the vitamins Panthenol, C, and E; these vitamins likewise promote skin metabolism, protect the skin from signs of aging and skin from aging signs and prevent damage any prevent damage from environment pollutants and toxins. Another addition fact is that the cream has added liquorice and the extract of pea sprout combined with azelaic acid and strawberry oil leading to the fading of freckles and age spots, giving the skin a particular glowing quality.


The cream is suitable for both men and women’s skin helping all types of skin. It shows particular beneficial effects for those aged 30+


Finally one more ingredient of the cream is worthy of mention It is Plantago lanceolata leaf extract. This ingredient triggers restarts protein synthesis, which counters the aging of the cells in the skin and helps its elasticity. It clears age spots and freckles by reducing too much production of melanin in the skin.


Again, like all cosmetic products from Zelia Cosmetics the APHRODITE Nourishing – Whitening Night Cream does not contain synthetic silicones, synthetic polymers, parabens, mineral oils, ΒΗΤ, ΒΗΑ or Phthalates.


Treat yourself to a proven solution for aging and discoloured skin!

APHRODITE Nourishing – Whitening Factors Night Cream

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Apply in the evening, after cleansing the skin and applying the tonic Lotion. The night can become your ally in refreshing your face. You will see your skin perceptibly firmer and brighter and your complexion more even-coloured.
Be careful! The essential oils contained have whitening properties and this makes the product unsuitable for daytime application.