EROFILI Q10 DAY CREAM from Zelia Cosmetics harnesses the natural power of nature for your skin. One of the most important ingredients is the coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Why is this coenzyme important for your skin? Your body naturally makes the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to zap free radicals in cells which causes signs of aging. However, as you age, you make less and less of the coenzyme and as a result the skin cells become more vulnerable to damage. That's the reason you will find coenzyme Q10 in skin care products such as toners, gels, and creams.

EROFILI Q10 Day Cream is a special day cream with collagen & elastin bio-energizing factors and it is suitable for all skin types. It gives a strong, healthy and bright look to the skin, by activating its natural metabolism, while protects it from damages and toxins.


The day cream CONSISTS OF UP TO 98.90% INGREDIENTS FROM NATURAL SOURCES AND VITAMINS and is friendly to both humans and the environment. It is produced in Greece and is dermatologically tested and certified. It is suitable for all skin types for both men and women and it has particular positive effects on over 35 year olds.


In addition to the coenzyme the cream also contains a complex of copper with amino acids that supports the effects of Q10 coenzyme as it boosts production of type I collagen (up to + 179%) and III (to + 194%) within 11 days. The copper complex with amino acids is also a component of our skin, but it decreases with time. It is “a needle free” filler of the wrinkles.


Almond oil, sesame oil, Shea butter and vegetable protect the hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis. Hydrolipids are an emulsion of fat and water, a film which normally covers and protects the skin. To help moisturise the skin and avoid inflammation we have added aloe and extracts of olive leaves, helichrysum and horsetail (equisetum). They are rich in trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants.


The day cream is rounded off with bisalbolol-a (a component of chamomilla recutita flower oil) also known as Chamomile German essential oil it is renowned for its soothing properties and is especially useful for dry, problem and irritated skin. It has a strong, sweet and pungent aroma. It is a dark inky-blue colour due to its high levels of chamazulene. The ingredients also contain Neroli and geranium essential oils that soothe irritated or sensitive skin and give balance to oily or dry skin.


Put this cream to the test, try EROFILI Q10 DAY CREAM for two weeks and you will see a visible improvement to your skin – again thanks to the gifts of nature.

Anti-oxidant, Refreshing, Collagen & Elastin Bio-energizing Day Cream with Q10

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Apply each morning on a clean face until absorbed. Repeat during the day, if necessary.
TIP: Apply EROFILI Q10 Day Cream under your SUNSCREEN CREAM HELIATOR. You will protect your skin effectively from the harmful effects of photoaging such as skin roughness, spots, and fine wrinkles.