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Did you meet Aphrodite? Part C΄

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Part C.

Aphrodite wondered: After all, how healthy can a sleeping and fasting skin be ?

So he created the Multivitamin Night Cream  for complete nourishment and reconstruction of facial skin during the night. Its rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it promotes the activation of the skin's metabolism and shields it from multiple signs of aging.

At the same time, it not only significantly improves the color discoloration of freckles and stains, which we all more or less acquire during the spring and summer days, but also acts as a deterrent to the creation of new ones thanks to its highly selected herbal ingredients.

Surely the image of your face the next morning in the mirror will surprise you! You will realize how important the real nutrition of your skin is at night and you will make your evening care an integral part of your daily skin care routine.

So what are you waiting for to meet Aphrodite up close? Find her here !

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