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Caffeine: its properties & how much it benefits us

Coffee and Caffeine

Coffee and waking up in the morning, coffee and company with friends, coffee on the balcony with a book in the spring, when all nature blooms and we stay home. Greek or French, instant or espresso, whatever form it is, it is always delicious and rich in caffeine. But what does caffeine have to do with skin care? Caffeine is a biologically active natural compound.

Why do we meet her so often?

We often find it in the list of ingredients of our cosmetics and this is not accidental, since:

  •  It stimulates metabolism, prevents the accumulation of excess fat in the cells and at the same time stimulates the degradation of fats. That is why it has anti- cellulite action.

  • When combined with Centella Asiatica green tea polyphenols, it prevents fat storage, protects the skin from oxidation and maintains its elasticity.

  • When combined with ivy extract, it decongests and detoxifies adipose tissue, while preventing the recurrence of cellulite and localized fat. Caffeine increases the microcirculation of the blood in the skin, helping to remove toxins from the body.

  • It has strong antioxidant properties. It helps protect cells from ultraviolet radiation and slows down the skin's aging process. Thus, when in a sunscreen product, it protects the skin from the production of free radicals and photoaging caused by the sun's UV radiation .

  • It slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

  • Caffeine can effectively reduce the swelling of the tissue under the eyes.

  • But we left the best last: Caffeine has a low molecular weight, as a result of which it penetrates the skin barrier and is easily absorbed by the skin. In fact, its penetration is greater when it is contained in emulsions such as creams, compared to aqueous solutions such as serums and gels.

The multiple and holistic properties of caffeine, along with the fact that it is a natural ingredient, is why we have included it in the composition of our products:

-   Body Cream CHARIS Cellulite Body Cream Closing Cream Appearance & amp; firming factors - Sunscreen Face Cream - SPF 30 HELIATOR - Body Sunscreen - SPF 30 HELIATOR - Anti - wrinkle Eye Contour Cream APHRODITE - Antioxidant and Regenerating EROFILI Day Cream with Q10

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