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Natural Oils

Three good natural oils from Zelia Cosmetics

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A starter – natural oils, butters and essential oils and their use in skin care.


​Unfortunately, it is a myth that all essential and natural oils are beneficial to every type of skin.

In fact, most of them can be beneficial to some and really irritate the skin of others. Most essential oils have medicinal properties and, if used in the wrong proportions or in the wrong cases, can cause severe irritation and allergies.


The aroma of many of these oils is indeed extremely attractive for the nose but [We need to take care about what we choose to use to care of our skin]


Below is a list of essential oils that require knowledge and attention to their use in relation to the amount allowed for skin care, skin type, and even the hours of the day we will use them:


 Eucalyptus oil


Geranium oil


Ginger oil


Jasmine oil




Neroli oil


Oregano oil


Patchouli oil


Rosemary oil


Sage oil


Sandalwood oil


Ylang-ylang oil


​It would go beyond the scope of this article to explain in detail the [advantages and] disadvantages of each of these oils for your skin but a search on Google will definitely enlighten you quickly.


Incidentally, I based this list on the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, March 2007, (pages 1,737-1,742) and the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, December 2003, (pages 1,317-1,325). Both journals are held in high regard in scientific circles so you can rest assured that they have done their homework before publishing such facts.


We at Zelia Cosmetics also did our homework into natural oils for skin and hair care before we decided to enrich and propose them to you. At the moment we came up with three oils which have definite benefits for your skin, while soon we will have new and more oils for you:]


Sweet Almond oil

Laura Nobilis oil

Crambe Abyssinica oil

So what in brief do these oils offer to the skin from nature?


Sweet Almond Oil


Remarkable natural properties for keeping your skin soft, and it also keeps the balance between the absorption of moisture and the loss of water (TEWL).  The large amounts of vitamin E it contains are helpful in healing skin damage caused by excessive sunlight. Sweet almond oil visually reduces any signs of aging in the skin and makes scars fade in a natural way.


Laura Nobilis Oil


This oil is good for both dry skin and skin prone to acne and should also be applied to the hair and the scalp. as it has been shown to substantially reduce hair loss giving the skin and hair a healthy and radiant appearance. On account of the concentrated content of eugenol, you should use it diluted in a carrier oil like Almond or Abyssinica oil.  


A major benefit of Laura Nobilis is that it reduces hair falling out and facilitates hair growth. In the traditional Ayurvedic medicine, a herbal rinse prepared by infusing Laura Nobilis leaves is used to get rid of dandruff and to soothe a dry scalp.


Crambe Abyssinica Oil


Abyssinica oil is what is known in the pharmacological industry as a non-comedogenic dry oil. “Non-comedogenic” means it does not promote blocking of pores with sebum. (“Comedo” is the word used to describe a blocked pore). Added to this, Abyssinica oil is excellent for adding moisture and help to soften which benefits the elasticity of the skin elasticity giving it a natural soft texture. This keeps wrinkles to a minimum. The oil is suitable for dry, normal oily and acne probe skin. It adds moisture to the hair, restoring its natural sheen, with a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids (Omega-9); it has a unique molecular structure absent in any other natural substance.

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