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About Us

ZЄLIA is a family business creating herbal cosmetics. It is based near Thessaloniki in northern Greece and relies heavily on the legacy of the cosmetics of Ancient Greece when both men and women made abundant use of the ingredients found in the natural environment. These traditional recipes have been combined with the fruits of state of the art pharmacological research into cosmetic production in our own times.

ZЄLIA's journey began several years ago when a mother and daughter building upon their expertise in chemistry, biotechnology and environmental science began to study aromatic and medicinal plants found naturally in our country. 


The family business focuses particularly on the healing properties of what they produce and, being both skincare lovers, they wish to show how the generosity of nature can provide holistic care to our skin. The company sets itself the goal of being the first Greek brand of herbal cosmetics which is an expression of the need for a cleaner, safer and greener approach to cosmetics.


Without exception, the products of Zelia Cosmetics are natural products, free from any ingredients that are or may be harmful not only for humans but also for our environment.


1. We research, create, and produce natural cosmetic products containing only natural ingredients that have immediate and long-term benefits for your skin. As a company, Zelia cosmetics has been approved and certified by the Greek National Organisation of Medicines (EOF) for the production of cosmetic products that comply with European Union rules on good manufacturing practices. Added to this, the company conforms to ISO 22716:2007 (GMP). All our products and ingredients are subject to frequent checks by these authorities.


2. We work to combine the natural wisdom of nature with advances in modern sciences and in doing so we select natural materials of the highest quality which form the basis for our products. We strive to create natural cosmetic products the benefits of which become obvious from the first days of using them.


3. Following such rigid product criteria, we want the customer to be living proof of the success of the work of the scientific team at ZЄLIA - HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS and to have every confidence in using them.

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